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Brad Krauskopf

Photo of Brad Krauskopf

CEO, Hub Australia

Topic: Anywhere Working: Options and Opportunities
Date: Day 2, 19 July
Time: 1:30pm - 3pm

Brad Krauskopf is an entrepreneur, innovator and speaker that is passionate about connecting the dots to create new business models and ways of working. He is a leader in the global coworking movement and is uniquely positioned to understand and contribute to the evolution of the future of work.

As CEO of Hub Australia (Hub Melbourne, Hub Sydney and Hub CoLab), which he founded in 2011, Brad works with small and large organisations across Australia to drive innovation through collaboration across sectors, disciplines and generations. His most recent venture is Third Spaces, which works with business, government and the community to develop and manage a national network of shared workspaces in Australia. He is an ambassador for the Connected Village and part of the Leadership Group of the Shared Value Project.